52 Important Boston Real Estate Stories Later

David Bates / August 1, 2013-12:11 pm

My featured post in Boston.Curbed this week celebrated the one year anniversary of my column, “Bates By the Numbers.”

I reflected on the posts I wrote over the year, their topics and focus, and revealed a couple of stories behind the story, like the post  that was based on a joke I used to like to tell and how another post  was themed after a famous song. Hopefully, folks had a few laughs at my light-hearted posts. I like to think that I am funnier than the average real estate writer. LOL.

Check it out!  You’ll  have a chance to see a couple of columns you might have missed. You’ll find out why I wrote more than a fair share of columns about the Back Bay and you might be surprised at the most unusual place that I have ever written from. Thank you Curbed for the opportunity to reach some of Boston’s most enthusiastic real estate folks!

My column at Curbed officially celebrated it's one year anniversary.

My column at Curbed officially celebrated it’s one year anniversary.