A Blog Like No Other, For A Market Like No Other

David Bates / January 11, 2011-8:11 pm

Dear Reader:

This blog will focus on the million-dollar-plus real estate market in Greater Boston — home to the most outstanding properties and the most able buyers in the region. This diverse market, although significantly different in different locales, exists in both the city and the suburbs as well as some Massachusetts communities more distantly removed from Boston. This blog will provide unique insights, different perspectives and thorough analysis of what has happened, is happening and will happen in this market. It seeks to benefit those who plan or aspire to buy or sell a million-plus property.

At times, I hope what’s written here will inform, provoke and entertain. Ultimately, this blog is about real estate value; as the million-plus market is value on steroids, staying informed about this unique market will help buyers, sellers and the public at large identify value in Greater Boston real estate.

As far as I can see, no one really covers this market in our area. No one asks the important questions or digs deep to find the needed answers. As a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty, I have had access to many of the most magnificent homes in our area. Prior to coming to Sotheby’s, I had grown a sizable brokerage in the area and been a student, participant and teacher in a vast array of real estate training programs. My wife, a trained architect, also has a better feel for what makes some of these properties great than those with an untrained eye. What’s more, she is an outsider — an immigrant from South America, in fact — and her fresh perspective allows her to identify the best that Boston has to offer. She will contribute to the unique insights of this blog.

I hope you will enjoy our efforts here. Whether you are buying, selling, aspiring or just curious, I hope reading this blog will make a difference in your life.


David Bates