My free Ebook puts into context the condominiums in nine Greater Boston markets.

My free Ebook puts into context the condominiums in nine Greater Boston markets.

This short–to the point–ebook is an excellent reference for Greater Boston condominium buyers and sellers. Not only do the neighborhood profiles found in CONTEXT make it easy to see how a specific condominium compares to other condominiums typically sold in a neighborhood, CONTEXT also clearly shows how nine of the most important and most valuable Greater Boston condominium neighborhoods compare on 17 different metrics. If you want to know how a condo or neighborhood compares in median sales price, median price paid per square foot, average condo fee, as well as the likelihood of finding renovated condos, condos with a view, a deck or parking, and much more, then get CONTEXT.

The neighborhoods included in CONTEXT are Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Jamaica Plain, Somerville, South Boston and the South End, 

Lots of visuals and short paragraphs make this ebook extremely light reading, on par with reading the Metro newspaper. 

Don’t make a mistake: Get CONTEXT before you buy or sell.

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One Response to Get My FREE Ebook About Boston Condos

  1. MacCruiskeen says:

    Last time I looked, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline were not “neighborhoods,” but “cities.” Smaller cities than Boston, but still large enough to contain a number of distinct neighborhoods within them. But I guess “nine key markets” is a better title than “gentrified expensive areas”. Because those non-gentrified areas are filled with non-gentrified people, and we don’t want to think too much about them, do we? But then, if we’re looking for a read on par with the Metro, not wanting to think is a fair assumption.

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