Amazing eReport Provides 5-Year Breakdowns for 14 Boston Condo Markets

David Bates / June 8, 2017-8:45 am

One Hub market was selling condos so fast that a commonly used real estate statistic revealed it could sell every “For Sale” condo in just one month.

Perhaps, the market should have been arrested for speeding.

The lightning sales pace meant that every perfectly located, properly priced condo in the market would sell quickly.

But it also meant that virtually every substandard and subterranean condo would sell wicked fast too.

Was there any negotiating room in the price of those condos?

Probably about as much room as a fat guy wearing skinny jeans has around the waist.

Were prices appreciating?

Of course they were!

That’s the beauty of a number.

One number can provide insight to the state of an entire real estate market, the same way that the number “10” provides understanding into the excellence of a gymnastic routine.

A statistic can “summarize huge quantities of data” and at the same time be “elegant in its simplicity,” wrote Charles Wheelan in his book Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from Data.

He could have been writing about the real estate statistics in my eReport, Boston Condominiums: 5-Year Market Breakdowns.

In this report, you’ll see some elegant numbers that summarize market conditions in 14 Hub real estate markets, including Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston, Midtown, Seaport, Somerville, South Boston, South End and Waterfront

34 rows. 5 columns. 14 markets, broken down as recently as May 31, 2017.

If you want to know how many listings were taken or condos sold in a market, what they sold for (median price), the price paid per square foot, and as they say in advertising, “much, much more,” sign up for the report. You’ll get it sooner than your next Amazon delivery.

These beautiful numbers are laid out in a way that allows you to easily compare the results of each year.

So, important trends will be revealed, like the Hub markets that appreciate every single year, like clockwork.

And the market that against the trend nearly tripled its number of listings.

One of my favorite stats displayed in the report is the sale-to-list percentage.

A key Hub market I looked at had a sale-to-list that was over 100% for the first five months of 2013….and the first five months of 2014, ’15, ’16 and ’17.

How were sales were going in that market?


The breakdowns in this incredible eReport help answer residential real estate’s most popular questions, like, “Is this a good investment?” and “Is now a good time to sell?”

Numbers, of course, are different from opinions.

They are tangible and verifiable…and not everybody has one.

While no person or thing can tell the future with 100% certainty, numbers provide more insight than opinions on what can logically be expected.

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