Back Bay’s Five Lowest Condo Sales

David Bates / October 1, 2013-8:33 pm

The Five Lowest Condo Sales in Back Bay (2013)

The Five Lowest Condo Sales in Back Bay (2013)














In Back Bay, a market that claimed nine of the ten highest condominium sales of the year, I took a look at the five lowest sales.

What’s it like to own on the cheap in Back Bay?

Buyers of the least expensive Back Bay condominiums enjoy some common features. 

  • All five had less than 400 square feet of living space.
  • All five were studios. None had a bedroom. 
  •  Four of the five of the low sales were on a level that it was necessary to take stairs down–not up—to get to them.

As for the cheapest sale of the year so far, all I can say is the 290 square foot ground level condominium looked like the cheapest Back Bay sale of the year. For a few pics of it, click.