Boston Celebrity Real Estate Sightings

David Bates / January 30, 2012-12:14 pm

(Lillian Swift contributed to this post)

A number of Boston’s best-known citizens made news selling (or trying to sell) their primary residences in 2011. Among them…

Mike Lowell, the 2007 World Series MVP, who sold his three-bedroom Ritz-Carlton condominium for $1.75 million. Lowell’s former teammate and neighbor, Manny Ramirez, whose 4,421-square-foot penthouse at the Ritz had struck out in five previous listing attempts, finally made contact with a buyer and closed last September for $5.55 million. But not without drama, as reports indicated a Boston realtor was suing the slugger for $110K in commissions owed on the sale.

Herb Chambers, the businessman who owns so many local car dealerships that he could start his own “auto mile,” finally sold the Back Bay mansion that he made out of reverse engineering a condominium conversion into a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 9,000-square-foot single family home. After being on the market for almost four years, the home sold for $8.75 million in early 2011. I wonder how many potential buyers told him that a broker down the street offered him the same thing for $500 less? LOL.

Another local sports star looking to connect with the right buyer is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady and his supermodel wife put their area home on the market in October. While this opulent Back Bay penthouse features three bedrooms, his and hers dressing areas, a media room and more, perhaps the most memorable feature is the bath tub. That’s where Tom and Giselle’s son was reportedly born. The last time Brady was in a real estate transaction, the other party wouldn’t sign until Brady threw in an autographed football helmet. So if you have interest in the home you might ask for a momento. I get the feeling if you’re willing to pay the ask — $10.5 million —the always classy Super Bowl quarterback will agree to throw in the autographed helmet whether your a Pats fan or Giants fan.

One noted Massachusetts resident who didn’t sell his home is Governor Deval Patrick. After buyers vetoed the $1.725 million price tag on his Milton home in 2010, the property was withdrawn and finally expired in October 2011. It is undetermined if the Governor’s home will seek another listing term.