Boston Listing Fails Turn Into Epic Wins

David Bates / September 5, 2013-11:29 am

It took this Boston condo, five listing attempts before  it got it right.

It took this Back Bay condo, five listing attempts before it found the right market to be listed in.

Your home didn’t sell?

Was that a tough break or a lucky one?

Standard Realtor Operating Procedure for homes that didn’t sell is to lower the price, but sometimes it’s the market and not the home that’s causing the results. 

My featured post on Curbed this week discussed homes that failed to sell. As a result, instead of selling for a low, low price in a bad, bad market, these condos got to be FOR SALE  in a good market. You might have guessed what happened next, but if you didn’t, check out my post, “Thanks for Not Selling My Boston Condo.”