Communicating the new Boston neighborhood landscape might be challenging.

Communicating the new Boston neighborhood landscape might be challenging.

They aren’t your father’s Boston neighborhoods any more. So if you run across him over the holiday weekend, you might explain it this way: 

You say, “Allston.” I say “Green Distict”

You say, “South Boston Waterfront.” I say, “Innovation District”

You say “Slummerville.” I say, “Hipsters!”

Boston neighborhoods have changed since the last generation grew up and my featured post on Curbed talks about the one  neighborhood I feel has changed the most: South Boston. Once known for being predominantly an Irish-Catholic working class neighborhood, today, it’s a mecca for area twenty-something-year-olds of every faith and often white collar careers.

Seemingly, every day that goes by I run into someone who has traded in their old Boston neighborhood and made South Boston their home.

What might former superstar mutual fund manager Peter Lynch make of this observation? Check out my post and find out!


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One Response to Boston Neighborhoods Ain’t What They Used to Be

  1. Boston changing so fast now. Place that you would not want to live in is now the good place to own a home.

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