Buyers Consider Homes With Unusual Amenities

David Bates / April 12, 2012-2:57 pm

This Boston home comes with a roof top infinity lap pool.

I had a listing with a two and a half car garage. Who bought it? A couple with two cars and two motorcycles who hadn’t been able to find a home that adequately housed their mobile lifestyle. Hard to find or unique features are sometimes the precise reason specific buyers buy. What are some of the most exceptional features among today’s listings that buyers might want for their dream home?

Near the “City of Champions,” not surprisingly, incredible sports amenities are popular.

A golf enthusiast might like 591 Stevens Street, Marlborough. It’s a home with a personal mini golf course complete with flags, driving range mats & signs. Golfers may also consider 50 Walker Road, Manchester which has a state of the art putting green, or 605 Elm Street, Walpole which has its own private golf hole.

If swinging a bat is more important than swinging a club, then 490 Waltham Street, Lexington might be a buyer’s home run as it comes with a complete batting/pitching cage in the back yard.

There are also homes available with Pilate studios (188 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland) and bowling alleys (109 Todd Pond, Lincoln).

151 Haggetts Pond Rd, Andover: Did the homeowner say the bowling alley was next to the basketball court or to take a right at the indoor pool? I forget.

For the more aerobic, there are listings with tennis courts that double as basketball courts in the summer (45 Waltham Road, Wayland) or are transformed to hockey rinks in the winter (65 Birchwood, Tewksbury). If inclement weather is a concern, 151 Haggetts Pond Road, Andover has a full-size indoor basketball court (not to mention a two-story partly covered slide into a pool, a massage area, a fish pond, gym bleachers and many other unique amenities).

For the all-around indoor sports enthusiast, 45 Mounce Farm Way, Marshfield is a home where you can play basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer and baseball in “your private gymnasium.”

What are some unusual un-sportsmanlike features that are available in Greater Boston homes?

It’s always popular to advertise top of the line brands like Subzero refrigerators (61 listings) and Viking stoves (98 listings), but if buyers are more worried about clean-up than they are about food storage or preparation, they might look for homes that have two dishwashers (18 listings). As far as dishwashers are concerned, 891 Liberty St, Braintree apparently took the cake plate with three dishwashers and now that home is under agreement.

There are 45 homes in MLS with an elevator. The lower priced listings generally have an all-important handicapped lift, while the luxury homes have elevators that might make Mr. Otis himself proud.

If car storage is a buyer’s biggest concern, 120 Myrtle, Norfolk has 10 garage parking spaces. On the other hand, the buyer of 333 Perkins Row, Topsfield might not be concerned with car storage at all. Why? Because that home has the right to “land a helicopter” on the property.” The home at 61 Air Park Drive, Falmouth offers a novel way to beat Cape traffic. Its great room overlooks a runway and its hangar has room for two planes.

Need a dog kennel and a pistol range in the home? Check out 219C Ipswich Road, Boxford.

Are you nervous about the recent black out? More than 400 homes in MLS boast emergency generators. Are you anxious about the threat of Armageddon? 49 Nathaniel, Attleboro (now under agreement) has a bomb shelter.

60 Ocean Street Ext Unit 9, Brewster has an operational lighthouse on the third floor.

More than 22,000 single-family homes are currently listed in MLS. What’s the most unusual feature among them? While I really like the roof-top infinity lap pool at 74 Beacon Street, Boston and I am so impressed by the Monet-like Giverny Bridge at 88 Cliff Road, Weston, my vote has to go to the operational lighthouse on the third floor of 60 Ocean Street Extension Unit 9, Brewster. Supposedly, it’s visible from Provincetown. I can’t wait to present it to buyers who need their own lighthouse. If that’s you, CALL ME!