Hold the Real Estate Presses

David Bates / July 18, 2012-6:58 pm

Boston Homes, “The Complete Guide” is reporting on the front page of its July 14-20, 2012 edition that a “South Boston condo has two bedrooms.”

 There has been a lot of development in South Boston in recent years, but perhaps for some reason developers have omitted offering consumers two bedroom units on their condominium menus — making it front page news when one is offered. Our quick survey of MLS sales for 2011 shows that 53% of condominiums sold in Boston in 2011 were two bedrooms. As to why two bedrooms may not have been offered in South Boston, the reason is unclear and unexplained in the corresponding Boston Homes story which describes a very nice two bedroom located at 321 West Second Street. If the data is correct, we at the BatesRealEstateReport will put our crack investigative unit on it and find out why. In the meantime, we will stay tuned for next week’s edition of Boston Homes which may feature a headline: “South Boston condominium has one bathroom.” LOL.