How Much Does A Condo Cost? Find out here.

David Bates / April 6, 2012-1:40 pm

I want to thank everyone who came to the condominium seminar last night as well as the professionals who discussed important topics. Yitz Magence, proved he’s not only an incredible real estate attorney, but an authoritative and informative speaker. Beverly Buker, from First Republic Bank, displayed insight and expertise about the market and really explained the benefits to buyers of using portfolio lender and having a shorter term mortgage loan. With loan officers like that, it’s no wonder First Republic has quickly become a player in local real estate lending. Cathy Marotta, as well, showed her expertise about the downtown market. Best of all was the enthusiasm and curiosity of the attendees. Thank you to everyone.

Posted below are a couple of the nifty charts from the condominium seminar.


The Median Price of a 1BR by Location




The Median Price of a 2BR by Location




The Median Price of a 3BR by Location