How To Have Great Public Schools

David Bates / March 3, 2011-12:27 pm


Do you want some great public schools in your town?

Then sell a lot of million-dollar homes there.

Boston Magazine ranked 161 of Massachusetts’ best public high schools in 2010. The magazine chose Weston No. 1. Weston, as I indicated in a previous post, was the community with the highest percentage of single-family sales topping the million-dollar mark. In fact, the five most prolific million-dollar-selling communities identified by this blog had high schools ranked in the top 10 by the magazine. Newton, a perennial all-star for selling million-dollar homes, had two high schools in the top 10.

Here’s another way to put it: Nine of the top 10 best high school communities finished within the top 21 communities for selling million-dollar homes (2004-2010). Bedford was the only community with a high school in the top 10 (No. 6) which wasn’t a leader for million-dollar single-family sales (52 from 2004-2010). Come on, Realtors in Bedford! Pick up your game! LOL

Million-dollar Single Family Sales Ranking 2004-2010 and High School Ranking

1.  Wellesley #4

2.  Newton #9 and #10

3.  Brookline #7

4.  Lexington #3

5.  Weston #1

6.  Needham #19

7.  Concord #5

8.  Cambridge #16

9.  Winchester #25

10.  Sudbury #20