Nominees for Best Real Estate Scene

David Bates / March 1, 2014-8:48 pm

 And the five nominees for best real estate scene in a movie or a television show are….

#5 – Step Brothers – Will Ferrell + Anything = Hilarity, so when Will Ferrell and his step brother John C. Reilly scheme to sabotage the marketing of their parents home, it’s hilarious.

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#4 – Curbed Your Enthusiasm – Larry David wants to control the thermostat in his office, so when a new tenant is looking to rent the shared space, it provokes some more of his politically incorrect behavior.


 #3 – American Beauty – Annette Benning is the Realtor with the eye of the tiger, determined to “sell this house today.”


#2 – The deleted Scene From Bruno – Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Bruno, has some unusual questions for a couple of California Realtors. 



#1 –  Glengarry Glen RossAlex Baldwin’s speech in this movie has a few million views on YouTube and probably a few million more in sales meetings. Pardon me while I go get some coffee to watch it with.


And the winner is….open your envelope, please.