Five Timeless Ways to Be More Bostonian

David Bates / January 26, 2017-12:47 pm

Any time the local team gets close to proving they are kings of the world in their respective vocation, it’s time for residents – and even former residents – to more prominently display their connection to the city of championships. Here... Continue Reading

The Three Most Epic Boston Condo Features

David Bates / January 18, 2017-12:37 pm

When it comes to features, there's the same old, same old... and then there are the ones that you would crawl through barbed wire to have. Here are three of the Hub's most epic condo features, ones that never fail to elicit a visceral response... Continue Reading

Tom Brady’s Surprising Real Estate Play

David Bates / January 11, 2017-11:02 am

No one could blame you if you renamed Nine Cherrywood Lane, Franklin to "Patriot Place II" or decided to offer a mini-version of the Patriot Hall of Fame at the locale. In 1992, the 2,027 square foot townhouse-style condominium was purchased by... Continue Reading

Three Boston Condo Developments You Should Visit Before They Sell Out

David Bates / November 15, 2016-2:46 pm

  The new Boston is sure to have an enhanced skyline, re-imagined neighborhoods, and an improved quality of life.  The three developments described below might be considered ambitious, game-changers, and even iconic. Currently they all... Continue Reading

There’s a NEW BOSTON

David Bates / November 10, 2016-12:03 pm

  Old Boston was a cramped place. It gloried in old buildings, mostly hundred-year-old brick ones. For the most part the apartments had old kitchens and bathrooms, a lack of closet space, cranking radiators, musty basements, and painted... Continue Reading

When Offering $1 Million More Than the Asking Price Isn’t Enough

David Bates / May 27, 2016-12:21 pm

The Penthouse at 975 Memorial Drive was recently reported as the most  expensive for sale condominium listing in Cambridge. The asking price, however, wasn’t high enough. Like every other condo that sells in Cambridge, the highest price... Continue Reading

Expert Provides Update on Boston’s Luxury and Emerging Markets

David Bates / May 26, 2016-11:47 am

Debra Taylor, who launched LINK (the Urban MLS) approximately 25 years ago in Boston, invited a select group of real estate agents to the Millennium Tower sales office and revealed the latest information about Boston’s luxury condominium... Continue Reading

New Hub Commercial Niche Is The Next Best Thing to the City

David Bates / May 24, 2016-11:09 am

  Finding the perfect office location has become a riskier endeavor in the Hub. If a company chooses a city location, management risks paying too much rent. But if the company relocates to the suburbs, they risk losing too much... Continue Reading

Italian Couple’s Real Estate Strategies Pay Off in Boston

David Bates / May 19, 2016-11:01 am

“The best investment is the brick,” says Enrico Vietri, 54. Vietri and his wife Rosa live in West Roxbury, but they are originally from Italy. Vietri is referring to an Italian saying that emphasizes the value of investing in real estate;... Continue Reading

Key Differences Between Millennium Place and Millennium Tower

David Bates / May 17, 2016-11:11 am

There's a big, big reason – a towering, but not-so-secret justification – why Millennium Place owners are selling their precious condominiums in a building and association they love. One Millennium Place owner I spoke with may have... Continue Reading
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