Where The 50 Wealthiest Bostonians Live

David Bates / March 14, 2011-7:25 pm

In its May 2006 issue, Boston Magazine named the 50 Wealthiest Bostonians. Logic has it that these folks could live anywhere they wanted in the Bay State. Where did they choose to live? [caption id="attachment_305" align="alignleft" width="300"... Continue Reading

An Up-and-Coming Million-Dollar Community

David Bates / March 8, 2011-1:42 pm

Needham, a town bordered by three perennial high-volume million-dollar-selling communities (Newton, Wellesley and Dover) is about to become a town known for its own high volume of million-dollar sales. In 2004, Needham recorded 50 million dollar... Continue Reading

How To Have Great Public Schools

David Bates / March 3, 2011-12:27 pm

  Do you want some great public schools in your town? Then sell a lot of million-dollar homes there. Boston Magazine ranked 161 of Massachusetts’ best public high schools in 2010. The magazine chose Weston No. 1. Weston, as I indicated... Continue Reading

Words That Sell Million Dollar Homes

David Bates / February 23, 2011-1:26 pm

When I was in charge of the advertising for the brokerage I managed, I used to keep a book on my desk entitled “Words that Sell.” It was written by a former ad executive and had an arsenal of words and expressions that could lure, compel and... Continue Reading

Boston Real Estate Expert Cites Changes In The Market

David Bates / February 17, 2011-11:37 pm

It’s been more than 20 years since Debra Taylor started LINK, a multiple listing service in Boston. Today, in addition to covering 12 of the most important Boston real estate neighborhoods, LINK produces quarterly and annual reports about what is... Continue Reading

How Many Appointments Are Necessary to Sell Your Home? Find Out Here.

David Bates / February 14, 2011-9:11 pm

There is a key real estate statistic — one which never has been reported on, that can be both a predictor of the future success of an individual listing as well as the future success of the market as a whole. That statistic concerns how many... Continue Reading

The Most Unusual Place Home Buyer Credits May Have Worked

David Bates / February 10, 2011-7:51 pm

Near the end of 2009, the federal government passed into law the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009. The law extended the First Time Home Buyer Credit of up to $8,000 to qualifying first-time home buyers that chose to enter... Continue Reading

Postage Stamp Lots That Produced Million Dollar Sales

David Bates / February 7, 2011-9:35 pm

[caption id="attachment_208" align="alignleft" width="295" caption="This house on this 634 Square foot lot produced a $1.595 million sale in 2009."][/caption] It’s often said that the three most important attributes of real estate value are... Continue Reading

Financing the Most Valuable Homes

David Bates / February 4, 2011-1:01 pm

I spoke with Terry Mullany, a vice president at JPMorgan Private Bank, a company with a website which asserts it has 160 years of experience “solving the complexities of significant wealth day in and day out.” Terry’s team at JPMorgan focuses... Continue Reading

The Area With The Highest Percentage of Million Dollar Sales

David Bates / February 2, 2011-3:58 pm

If you are going to buy a single-family home in the most prized parts of Boston — the Back Bay, South End or Beacon Hill — then 83 percent of the time you are going to spend more than $1 million (MLS cumulative statistics, 2004-2009). But if you... Continue Reading
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