Boston Real Estate By Foot (Squared)

David Bates / January 22, 2011-1:56 pm

LINK, a Multiple Listing Service covering Boston, compiles market statistics and publishes its findings in quarterly and annual reports. One key statistic it reports on is the average dollars-per-square-foot buyers paid in twelve different Boston... Continue Reading

Mass’ Most Popular Million Dollar Suburbs

David Bates / January 20, 2011-7:35 pm

Newton, one of the state's few suburban locations with the ability to sell million-dollar homes in both the single family and condominium markets, used this uncommon attribute to surpass Wellesley as the Massachusetts community with the most... Continue Reading

Boston’s Most Popular Million Dollar Condominium Complexes (2004-2009)

David Bates / January 19, 2011-2:36 pm

The two buildings comprising the new Ritz Carlton Condominiums in midtown had more than 100 home sales in excess of $1 million between the years 2004 and 2009, making it by far the highest volume building for million dollar sales in that time... Continue Reading

The Need for Speed

David Bates / January 17, 2011-8:37 pm

I used to tell my buyers that if you go to the first open house and there are several people cooing about what a fabulous property it is, you should be prepared to pay full price. If, on the other hand, you want to get a deal on the property, you... Continue Reading

Would You Pay $140,000 for a Closet?

David Bates / January 14, 2011-12:40 pm

Have you ever considered the value of closet space? I’m not talking about having enough closet space to hang all of your clothes or even enough closet space for you and your spouse to live comfortably. I’m talking about the amount you pay for... Continue Reading

Boston’s Highest Condo Fee

David Bates / January 13, 2011-1:06 pm

Most buyers wince a little when they hear the term "condominium fee." But have  you ever wondered which Boston property has the dubious honor of the highest condo fee? A recent survey of condominium fees for properties on market showed the median... Continue Reading

Boston’s Top Million Dollar Neighborhoods

David Bates / January 12, 2011-6:33 pm

Between 2004 and 2009, nearly 1,500 Boston condominiums sold for more than $1 million apiece. Where were they? About 45 percent (621 sales) of the sales were in Back Bay, easily making it the No. 1 location for million-plus condominiums. The South... Continue Reading

A Blog Like No Other, For A Market Like No Other

David Bates / January 11, 2011-8:11 pm

Dear Reader: This blog will focus on the million-dollar-plus real estate market in Greater Boston — home to the most outstanding properties and the most able buyers in the region. This diverse market, although significantly different in... Continue Reading
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