My Best Posts For Greater Boston Home Buyers

David Bates / April 21, 2016-11:59 am

I wrote a column for three years about Boston real estate in which the subhead promised readers that I would “drill “down into the Hub's housing market to uncover those trends and people you would not otherwise notice.” I think I delivered... Continue Reading

How to Find Out How Many Buyers Are Looking For Your Home (Whether it’s listed or not)

David Bates / April 19, 2016-12:17 pm

The Greater Boston multiple listing service has an amazing tool that reveals how many registered buyers in their system are searching for a home in every market, at every price, with almost every amenity choice. As a result, agents who know... Continue Reading

Popular Boston.Com Article Quotes Me

David Bates / April 15, 2016-1:09 pm

Luke Ostrowski, a loan officer and partner at Top20, emailed a link to a article authored by one of the city's top real estate writers, Scott Van Voorhis. The article noted how today's market has buyers not only putting in sky-high... Continue Reading

Comparing Back Bay’s Q1 to 2015

David Bates / April 14, 2016-11:57 am

The Q1 numbers are in, and in my humble opinion it wasn’t just high demand and low interest rates that resulted in an improvement over Q1 2015; better weather also led to better real estate real results. Here’s how Q1 2016 compared to Q1... Continue Reading

The Highest Priced Condos in 13 Hub Neighborhoods

David Bates / April 12, 2016-12:15 pm

Fashion legend Coco Chanel once said, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." I think Coco would have found 6 Newbury #3, nicknamed "Chanel No. 6," to be both different and irreplaceable. As a real estate regular in... Continue Reading

Millennium Tower Club Levels Are “Beyond Words”

David Bates / April 8, 2016-11:40 am

  Shortly after 5 p.m. yesterday, as part of Group 1, I donned a hard hat, threw on a neon vest, and toured the club levels at Boston’s Millennium Tower. It’s not 100% done, but it’s still an impressive site to behold. With... Continue Reading

Boston’s Best Condo Buildings: The Mandarin Oriental

David Bates / April 7, 2016-12:25 pm

If you want buyers to line up for your Boston development, tell them you are building the most luxurious condos in the city. This strategy worked in the 1980s for The Carlton House and The Four Seasons Place Condominiums, and it would work... Continue Reading

Soft Hub Rental Market Provokes Free Rent Offers and Concerns

David Bates / April 5, 2016-11:58 am

While spanking new apartment buildings are popping up almost everywhere in the Hub, it appears prospective tenants aren’t. Asked to assess the Hub’s rental market, Keri Walker, senior vice president at The Bozzuto Group – a company that... Continue Reading

How to Get More Bang for Your Boston Real Estate Buck

David Bates / March 31, 2016-12:11 pm

Michael Harper listed two properties at the Mandarin Oriental, one of Boston’s most sought-after luxury condominium buildings. They were on the same floor and roughly the same size, yet one sold for $900,000 more than the other. What was the... Continue Reading

Boston’s Best Condo Buildings: The Clarendon

David Bates / March 29, 2016-12:13 pm

  The first five floors of the handsome 32 floor mixed-use tower, located at the corner of Clarendon and Stuart Street, diagonally across from Boston’s iconic John Hancock Tower, have a limestone exterior. The limestone is meant to... Continue Reading
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