“2015” Was a Gift for Boston Real Estate

David Bates / December 23, 2015-1:05 pm

Are you looking for a last minute gift for the Boston real estate market? You might be hard pressed to find something it doesn’t have. It’s been a year in which almost every Hub apartment got a tenant, almost every condo found a buyer,... Continue Reading

Billowing Sails Could Lead to Boston Condo sales

David Bates / December 22, 2015-1:41 pm

In 2006, the Boston Globe used the word "Boring" to describe the design of The Intercontinental Boston Hotel and Residences, a design in which noted Boston architect Howard Elkus had been deeply involved. Then, last May, Boston Magazine... Continue Reading

Breaking Down the First 50 Sales at 22 Liberty

David Bates / December 9, 2015-12:48 pm

  Perhaps the most anticipated and most secretive Boston condo development in recent memory is 22 Liberty in the Seaport. The Fallon Company project is the first condominium development to come to market and close in the Seaport, Boston’s... Continue Reading

Slick New Cambridge Apartment Building Abuts Natural Preserve

David Bates / December 8, 2015-1:14 pm

[caption id="attachment_6058" align="alignnone" width="600"] Fuse Cambridge is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.[/caption]   There is living in the city and there is living in nature, and then there is living at Fuse... Continue Reading

This Prank Call Sounds Like Every Mortgage Discussion Ever

David Bates / December 7, 2015-1:52 pm

Richard and Sal, The Howard Stern prank callers that made radio life a living hell for hosts of Tradio, the buy-sell-swap program found on a number of religious radio formats, pranked a real estate talk show in 2011. The brief discussion that ensued... Continue Reading

The New Normal in the Hub Condo Market: $1000 a Square Foot

David Bates / November 24, 2015-2:51 pm

[caption id="attachment_6040" align="alignnone" width="557"] 171 Beacon #2, Back Bay - 565 square feet for $599,000. (Julie Harrison, Listing Agent).[/caption]   Today, more than 150 Boston condos are asking at least $1000 square... Continue Reading

Notorious Hub Parking Spot Has New Price

David Bates / November 13, 2015-4:10 pm

On November 12, the Beacon Hill garage parking space whose price became the object local and national attention last week came back to market some time yesterday. This time, 70 Brimmer Street Unit #236 has a list price of... Continue Reading

What a Con Man Taught Me About Boston Real Estate

David Bates / November 13, 2015-1:16 pm

When I picked up the office phone, the man on the other end said his name was Pedro, that he was visiting Boston and wanted to look at some buildings for sale. The next day, Pedro came to my Coolidge Corner office. He was tall, had a dark... Continue Reading

Julian Edelman Buys Boston Condominium

David Bates / November 10, 2015-12:39 pm

[caption id="attachment_5998" align="alignleft" width="150"] CC Image of Julian Edelman courtesy FlickR/Jeffrey Beall.[/caption] Public records reveal that at the end of September, Julian Edelman closed on a Back Bay condo located on the sunny... Continue Reading

Investors & Owner Occupants Compete to Buy Hub’s Small Multifamilies

David Bates / November 6, 2015-2:45 pm

[caption id="attachment_5979" align="alignnone" width="600"] In order: 39 Columbia, 2 Washburn, 17 Magnolia, 33 Walnut.[/caption] I reviewed some recent MLS sales and noted that several of the most extreme over-ask sales concerned small... Continue Reading
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