B&T and Bisnow Boston Report on my Millennium Tower Boston Special Report

David Bates / April 12, 2017-1:01 pm

MTBstatehouseview650On April 11th, Banker and Tradesman, The Financial Services and Real Estate Weekly for Massachusetts wrote about my Millennium Tower Boston Special Report. Here’s part of what they had to say: “There’s no end of commentary about this building. Bates’ take is based on interviews with Millennium Partners, two decades of experience in the Boston condo market and a whole lot of number crunching – and it illuminates the building in interesting ways.” To read the rest of Jim Morrison’s take, click here.

Then, on April 20th, Bisnow Boston, the commercial real estate information marketer that describes itself as “almost never boring,” featured an article on my report as the first post in their weekly newsletter. According to Cameron Sperance, Bisnow’s reporter, the newsletter goes out to more than 10,000 subscribers.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of Breaking Down The First Sales at Millennium Tower Boston, like hundreds have, now is the time!