SEE-PORT: The Residential Future of Boston’s Hottest Development Area

David Bates / April 9, 2014-10:37 am

Waterfront Planning

The Seaport’s future is a bit challenging to see, so look into my column’s crystal ball.

My featured column in Curbed this week focused on the Seaport, Boston’s hottest area for development, but a part of town whose future still feels a bit amorphous to most.  

I attended Bisnow’s third annual “State of The Seaport” and culled insights that provided some additional clarity to the current and future residential happenings in the Seaport. In my column, I quote the major development players in Boston’s newest neighborhood as to how well recently finished apartment buildings are renting, how many apartments will be built, what is the likely distribution of unit sizes, what is the key demographic renting, and whether there will be a glut on luxury apartments. Learn a little bit more about this exciting area: Check out my featured column!

* Photo from Boston Redevelopment Authority.