Sign of a New Boston

David Bates / March 17, 2014-10:19 am


Converse's future corporate headquarters, as it appears today.

Converse’s future corporate headquarters, as it appears today.

In January 2013, the $24 billion subsidiary of Nike, Converse, announced that it was planning to move its corporate headquarters from Andover, MA,  to a building being developed by Related Beal on Lovejoy Wharf in Boston, just a stone’s throw from TD Garden and North Station.

The 187,000 square foot structure is symbolic of the trends of a new Boston, a Boston in which entire neighborhoods are in the midst of being redefined by new buildings and developments that attract folks near and far with opportunities to live, work and play in the same area.

The Converse sign, which adorned the top of 160 North Washington last December, is one of the tangible beginnings of that new Boston. 

To see how the development will look when it’s done, go to the next page. 

Converse is a sign of Boston's Future.

Converse is a sign of Boston’s Future.