Three Things All Hub Sellers Should Negotiate, Even if They Have Multiple Offers

David Bates / August 23, 2017-12:57 pm

My buyer put in a full price offer on a Hub condominium, and something unusual happened (more…)... Continue Reading

Five Boston Neighborhoods, Five Different Apartment Designs

David Bates / July 14, 2017-3:18 pm

During an interview for a recent post, I asked Eric Robinson, a principal at RODE ARCHITECTS, how their designs were influenced by the housing needs, wants, and lifestyles of the residents living in those locations. Here's how he responded.... Continue Reading

Boston Condo Buyers Are Changing Their Preferred Locations. This is Why

David Bates / April 13, 2017-12:05 pm

There’s a subtle tug of war that goes on in the Boston condominium market. It’s hardly talked about, but it’s always present. (more…)... Continue Reading

The Best Time to Market Your Hub Home

David Bates / February 4, 2015-6:59 pm

When is the best time to put your Hub home on the market? Well,  when do you want to get what you want in life? A lot of people might respond, “As soon as possible.” After all, companies like FedEx and Dominos aren’t testaments to... Continue Reading

What’s Going to Change in Boston Next Year?

David Bates / December 4, 2014-2:00 pm

If it's a new day in Boston, there's probably a new project getting approved, a new change for the old neighborhood, a new restaurant opening. There is tremendous enthusiasm for the future of the Hub, but it's not risk free future. What's... Continue Reading

What to Give Thanks For In Boston Real Estate? This!

David Bates / November 28, 2014-1:54 pm

  There is plenty to give thanks for on Thanksgiving and this Thanksgiving I suggested giving thanks to one of the most oft noted, but least talked about aspects of the Hub's residential real estate market. What was it? Check out my... Continue Reading

Extreme Over Ask Hub Offers in a Word

David Bates / November 13, 2014-1:56 pm

I surveyed more than 5,000 Hub condo sales that occurred in the first ten months of 2014. I was looking for a characteristic that these condos, regardless of price, had in common. I think I found it and  wrapped it up in one word. What's... Continue Reading

Hub Condo Buying Is Still In Season

David Bates / November 6, 2014-2:25 pm

  [caption id="attachment_4741" align="alignleft" width="600"] This time of year, it can be as tough to decipher the real estate market as it is to figure out the weather. (Snowvember storm pictured above)[/caption] In the morning, I put... Continue Reading

How Strong An Offer Should You Make on Hub Real Estate?

David Bates / September 24, 2014-11:45 am

One of the most common questions I get as a real estate agent is, “What’s a good offer?” I define a good offer as “an offer that brings you closer to getting what you want.” In my experience, this handy chart is one of the best indicators... Continue Reading

Hub’s New Homes Have Double the Space for Twice the Price

David Bates / September 16, 2014-2:00 pm

I broke down, by the year they were built,  more than 20,000 single family homes that were available for sale in MLS. The median price of a single family home that was built recently was nearly double the asking price of homes built decades ago.... Continue Reading
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