The American Dream: 1960 vs. 2010

David Bates / March 16, 2012-1:19 pm

Town Needham  Needham Year Built 1960 2010 Square Feet 1,056 5,300 Lot Size 11,326 8,712 Heat/Cool Oil/None Gas (5 zones)/Central Air Sale Price  $435,000  $1,190,000 ... Continue Reading

Expert Predicts Real Estate BOOM

David Bates / February 20, 2012-8:34 pm

Ken Gronbach is a demographer, an occupation defined by his daughter as a person who counts and tracks people. Ken says “demographics precipitates economics” and according to this blogger he is simply saying: An increase in population leads to... Continue Reading

Highest Boston Condominium Sales by Neighborhood (2011)

David Bates / January 24, 2012-12:06 pm

Neighborhood Address Price Back Bay 776 Boylston W-PH2 $13,220,000 Beacon Hill 50 Beacon PH $3,400,000 South End 505 Tremont 1001 $3,200,000 North... Continue Reading

BatesRealEstateReport Forecast for “Excellent” August Numbers Proves Correct

David Bates / September 28, 2011-11:06 am

     At a time when the when famed real estate analyst Karl Case was quoted as saying the market was still “extremely shaky,” this blog forecasted that August would be an “excellent” month for real estate closings in the Greater Boston... Continue Reading

Boston’s Real Estate Rule of Altitude

David Bates / September 7, 2011-10:38 pm

     Can a condominium's value be a function of it's height?    A review of two years of citywide two-bedroom condominium sales shows that often the higher up you go, the more you pay. In that collection of data, second floor condominiums... Continue Reading

Boston Parking Spaces That Cost Over $1 Million

David Bates / August 31, 2011-4:26 pm

      Unlike Beacon Hill, a high percentage of Back Bay condominiums have parking options. A review of a recent 12-month sales period shows that the majority of closed condo transactions in the Back Bay included secured parking options. That... Continue Reading

The Development Story Behind The Success of The Brimmer Street Garage

David Bates / August 23, 2011-5:29 pm

     Jonathan Davis, one of the developers behind the Brimmer Street Garage, called the development of a Beacon Hill garage a "no brainer." When we spoke with him recently, now more than thirty years after the project successfully sold out, he... Continue Reading

Comparing Boston Income Properties

David Bates / August 2, 2011-8:58 pm

  Need a  simple calculation to compare income properties? Take the asking price and divide it by the total monthly rent. What you will get is called the “Gross Rent Multiplier.” Below is a survey of some gross rent multipliers... Continue Reading

Predicting the Momemtum of July Real Estate Transactions

David Bates / July 21, 2011-11:07 am

[caption id="attachment_397" align="alignright" width="300" caption="MA-PASS numbers show that showing requests for Greater Boston Homes in May and June 2011 were greater than May and June 2010"][/caption] In June, MA-PASS, the company that... Continue Reading

Words That Sell Million Dollar Homes

David Bates / February 23, 2011-1:26 pm

When I was in charge of the advertising for the brokerage I managed, I used to keep a book on my desk entitled “Words that Sell.” It was written by a former ad executive and had an arsenal of words and expressions that could lure, compel and... Continue Reading
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