The Least Affordable Town in Massachusetts May Surprise You

David Bates / April 10, 2012-11:52 am

According to the National Association of Realtors, the national average of housing affordability in 2009 was 169, which basically means that the typical family had an income that was 169% of the qualifying income to buy the median priced home in the... Continue Reading

Highest Assessed Single Family Homes by Town

David Bates / March 28, 2012-5:05 pm

  [caption id="attachment_1205" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="484 Charles, River is one of the highest assessed homes in Needham, MA"][/caption]   Brookline 1. 150 Woodland Rd              $17,431,000 2. 39... Continue Reading

This Old House’s Value

David Bates / March 12, 2012-3:36 pm

I did an analysis of 2011 Single-Family-Sales median sale prices based on the year the home was built. It made for what appeared to be a very simple and understandable chart that simply showed the older the era of the house, the less the median... Continue Reading

50 Key Massachusetts Towns Ranked by Property Tax Rate

David Bates / March 8, 2012-12:42 pm

Do you want to lower your monthly real estate payment? Buy in a community with a low real estate tax rate. Towns assess your home’s property tax contribution by first having the assessing department determine a value for your home and then... Continue Reading

Are Your Property Taxes Going Up Next Year? Find Out Here.

David Bates / March 5, 2012-12:44 pm

If you wonder where your town is getting all the money to run the government, take a look at your property tax bill. In Boston, property taxes fund more than 65% of the budget. In Brookline, more than 75%. In Newton, nearly 85%. The odds are,... Continue Reading

Where Super High Home Values Are Most Abundant in Massachusetts

David Bates / February 27, 2012-12:28 pm

Chilmark, a town on Martha’s Vineyard with a year round population of 843, has been reported to have the highest average property value of any town or city in Massachusetts. This is just one of the signs that home values in Massachusetts' best... Continue Reading

Hot Towns for the COLD New Construction Market

David Bates / February 13, 2012-8:49 pm

According to an analysis of census data by the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association, the number of new home permits filed in Massachusetts in 2011, was the fewest in the 51 years the agency has been tracking them. To get an idea... Continue Reading

Highest Single Family Sales by Massachusetts Town/City (2011)

David Bates / January 18, 2012-12:30 pm

Town/City Address High Sale Weston 75 Doublet Hill $15,600,000 Wellesley 209 Cliff Road $6,800,000 Manchester 28 Masconomo $5,100,000 Brookline 35 Single Tree $4,900,000 Newton 33... Continue Reading

Highest Single Family Sales in 2011

David Bates / January 10, 2012-12:56 pm

The Greater Boston MLS details more than 36,000 single family homes that sold in the Commonwealth in 2011. I have attached a list of the top 10 sales below. 75 Doublet Hill Rd., Weston              $15,600,000 237 Seapuit Road,... Continue Reading

Where The 50 Wealthiest Bostonians Live

David Bates / March 14, 2011-7:25 pm

In its May 2006 issue, Boston Magazine named the 50 Wealthiest Bostonians. Logic has it that these folks could live anywhere they wanted in the Bay State. Where did they choose to live? [caption id="attachment_305" align="alignleft" width="300"... Continue Reading
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