That’s Exactly Why You Should Buy This Home

David Bates / January 16, 2012-4:44 pm

I was walking down Dartmouth Street the other day when I saw an attractive woman with a baby stroller. Looking in my direction, she smiled and mouthed the words, “Oh, my God.” I was wondering if I knew her from somewhere and as I turned my head to the right and saw a rat climbing the wall of the brick building between us. I guess I didn’t know her. (Maybe she knew the rat?)

The experience reminded me of a time when an agent effectively adapted one of the most clever sales closes I have heard. The close is called, “That’s exactly why you should buy” and it’s used as soon as a prospective buyer states the reason they will not buy. The logic: Any reason that can be used not to buy can be turned around and used as a reason to buy. Think about it. You say you don’t want to buy something because it costs too much. The salesperson response is, “It costs too much? That’s exactly why you should buy! Have you ever bought something that was too cheap and as a result didn’t get the quality you wanted and needed?” You get the picture.

Anyway, the agent was doing an open house one Sunday when a couple informed him they wanted to put in an offer. While the agent began preparing the offer paperwork, there was a shriek from the kitchen. Finding rodent droppings under the sink, the wife came running into the offer area asserting that the condominium had rats. Without skipping a beat, the agent replied, “That’s exactly why you should buy this home… because it has rats!” He continued, “At least you know there is a problem and because you know there is a problem, there is something you can do about it. How would you feel if you bought a home and didn’t know it had rats only to find out later that it did? Besides, this is the city, and almost every home has rodents. If you don’t want rodents, you should live in a cement building in the middle of the wilderness!” They finished the offer and their offer was accepted… Bet you didn’t think rats would be a reason to buy a particular home.