The Area With The Highest Percentage of Million Dollar Sales

David Bates / February 2, 2011-3:58 pm

If you are going to buy a single-family home in the most prized parts of Boston — the Back Bay, South End or Beacon Hill — then 83 percent of the time you are going to spend more than $1 million (MLS cumulative statistics, 2004-2009). But if you are going to live in a single-family home outside the city, then Weston is the town that you are most likely to spend $1 million. Between 2004 and 2009, 64 percent of Weston’s homes sales were for more than $1 million.

With 56 percent of the single-family home sales topping the million mark, Brookline was the second most likely place where your home purchase cost over $1 million dollars. Lincoln was third (53 percent) and Dover fourth (49 percent).

Wellesley nearly doubled the amount of Weston’s sales that topped the million mark (956 to 490), but because Wellesley sold nearly three times as many homes as Weston, it meant that only 48 percent of the Wellesley’s single-family sales were more than $1 million, which meant it ranked fifth.

Newton, the tenth-largest city in the state and the most voluminous for million dollar sales (933 single-families and 96 condos), ranked 11th for percentage of single family sales over $1 million (27 percent)