In Greater Boston real estate, 2013 is becoming the year of the “over-ask” offer, so I compiled a list of the offers that went most over-ask in the first five months of the year. 

To compile the list I reviewed sales in  Brookline, Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End, South End, South Boston, Jamaica Plain, Midtown, The Seaport District and Charlestown.

About 40%of the condos and single family homes that sold took over-ask offers. Some offers went way over-ask, some went way, way, over-ask and some made my Top 5 over-asks through May 31. 


Address Sales Price Amount Over-Ask
37 Beacon #63-64, Beacon Hill $2,300,000 $200,000
79 Chandler #9, South End $2,461,000 $166,000
49 Beacon #3, Beacon Hill $1,050,000 $151,000
59 Sixth St #59, East Cambridge $885,000 $136,000
61 Chandler #2, South End $1,725,000 $126,000


Single Family

Address Sales Price Amount Over-Ask
66 Sparks St, West Cambridge $5,000,000 $1,300,000
79 Coolidge St, Brookline $1,126,000 $376,000
26 Parker St, West Cambridge $1,355,000 $360,000
245 Grove St, West Cambridge $2,700,000 $350,000
54A Burroughs, Jamaica Plain $1,850,000 $251,000



Address Sale Price Amount Over-Ask
2,4,and 6 Brimmer, Beacon Hill $8,250,000 $1,500,000
93 Kirkland, Cambridge $2,552,000 $552,000
20 Marie Ave, Cambridge $1,580,000 $395,000
145 Larch Road, Cambridge $1,235,000 $300,000
133 Erie St, Cambridge $760,000 $261,000

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