And Then There Were None. The Most Depressing Hub Real Estate Chart You Will See Today

David Bates / May 1, 2017-1:34 pm

If you feel like there’s no condominium inventory in the Hub, that just might be because there is no condominium inventory. LITERALLY.

Below is an MLSPIN breakdown which compares the number of condos for sale in Cambridge on May 1, 2012 and that same date in 2017.

To be included in the breakdown, the Cambridge condo had to have a list price under $500,000 and had to have been on the market for at least six days.

Guess what? 2012 beat 2017, 77-0.

What seems more amazing? That there were 77 Cambridge condos priced under $500K to choose from on May 1, 2012 or the fact that this May Day there wasn’t even one?

I mean in all of Cambridge, there was not even one substandard or subterranean condo, not even micro-unit or one fixer-upper that was priced under $500,000 and had survived a weekend on the market.

Zip, zilch, nada.

In a market as financially diverse as Cambridge, shouldn’t it be harder to do that?