The Numbers Tell the Story

David Bates / May 7, 2013-8:07 pm

My featured column on Curbed this week (Lies, Damn Lies, and Boston Real Estate Statistics) focused on real estate statistics.

Why do the statistics I use paint a completely different picture of the market than the statistics used by the The Massachusetts Association of Realtors and the blog Boston Real Estate Now?

This post shows some absolutely incredible market times in many of Greater Boston’s best neighborhoods, including Brookline, Jamaica Plain, South Boston and the South End.

The numbers many sources use show the local market’s pace is about as fast as your dad’s minivan, while the numbers I use show a speed that would make NASCAR proud. What’s the difference?

Check out my column and find out!

Some reports describe the real estate market as moving about as fast as  your father's minivan. My reports, show the Boston market at speeds that would make NASCAR proud. Why the difference?

How fast is the Greater Boston real estate market going?