Condo Sales Are Off the Chart in Many Under the Radar Locations

David Bates / December 19, 2013-8:28 pm

Some locations flying under the radar are experiencing off the chart sales.

Two years ago, you would have needed a pretty sophisticated GPS to find the Medford, Quincy and Roslindale condo markets. Not today.

My recent Curbed post discussed several greater Boston markets that typically fly under radar for most condo buyers, but which are now locations where condo sales are are growing by leaps and bounds. 

The post included data on Medford,  a city where transactions in the first 11 months are up 50% versus the same time period in 2011. In Quincy,  transactions are 75% higher than 2011. And in Roslindale, transactions for 2013 are 90% higher than 2012. I spoke with  top brokers in each market to get a feel for why these locations are flourishing.

Check it out.