What You Get for the Money on NECN

David Bates / July 10, 2013-11:46 am

New England Cable News asked me to a breakdown of what you get for the money in three different Massachusetts housing price points.

The price points were$275K-$299K, $475K-$499K and $975K to $1 million.

They picked out three different geographic areas: Boston, within 20 miles of Boston, and further out.

The piece aired yesterday.

Check it out!

To research the story, I put about 200 miles on my car. I saw an incredible neighborhood in Springfield, the McKnight Historic District, one of the first planned neighborhoods in the United States. This neighborhood has about 900 huge Victorian homes and the ones that were available for sale were at giveaway prices (under $300K). I also saw an amazing house in Mendon, which is about 40 miles outside Boston. This home had nearly 10,000 square feet and was situated pool and all on nearly 2.5 acres of land. It felt like an estate and even though it was listed for $1 million, it felt inexpensive compared to what you get for a $1 million on locations closer to the city. In the city, I talked about a property in Beacon Hill, a property in South Boston, and a building in Boston’s  Business Improvement District  complete with concierge, upper floor pool and one of the best roof decks in all of Boston. 

Thanks to everyone at NECN for allowing me the opportunity to communicate this information and my enthusiasm about real estate.

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