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Slick New Cambridge Apartment Building Abuts Natural Preserve


Fuse Cambridge is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

There is living in the city and there is living in nature, and then there is living at Fuse Cambridge, the slick new 244-unit Cambridge Apartment building that abuts the 120-acre Alewife Brook Reservation. Just in front of Fuse Cambridge are signs of the modern world’s vitality and growth, and a few hundred yards right side facing is the convenient Alewife Station, where commuters go near and far by bus and Red Line train. But behind Fuse Cambridge, just beyond the two big old willow trees visible from this ground up apartment building’s 20-foot high transparent lobby, Alewife Brook Reservation makes its gracious presence known.

Sean Sacks, a director with Hines, the 60 year old company responsible for Fuse Cambridge, told me that the development goals included creating a visual and physical connection to nature. As a result, tenants and staff can admire the nature preserve’s scenic trails and pretty wooden boardwalks, enjoy water and woodland views, and on occasion spot diverse wildlife from a variety of vantage points in the building, including the double height lobby and the raised pool deck. Nathan Lopez with Bozzuto, the company responsible for leasing up Fuse Cambridge, said 56% of the building’s apartments are in the direction of this natural marvel that has been referred to as “an urban gem.”

Beacon Hill Garage Parking Space Asks Record Price


The exit of the famous Brimmer Street Garage, where the first parking space condominiums were developed in 1979.

Listing remarks for MLS #71926193, Unit #236 at 70 Brimmer Street, describe it as “A very rare opportunity to purchase garage parking in Beacon Hill at the coveted Brimmer Street Garage!“

Of course, very rare opportunities come at a price. So, how much do they want for this very rare opportunity? $650,000, a price that’s more expensive than half the Boston condos currently on market, and a by the square foot price ($3801) that surpasses the square foot cost of the Millennium Tower penthouse.

Boston Parking Spaces That Cost Over $1 Million

Unlike Beacon Hill, a high percentage of Back Bay condominiums have parking options. A review of a recent 12-month sales period shows that the majority of closed condo transactions in the Back Bay included secured parking options. That is, for 54 percent of the condominiums sold, the condominium either came with parking that was assigned, deeded, privileged or — at bare minimum — had the option of being purchased.

What’s the value of parking in Back Bay? One broker called this ”a trick question.” He might be right. For starters, like the real estate in Back Bay, the value of a parking space is all about location, location, location. Parking on the first block of Com Ave has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet parking at the garage behind the Somerset at 400 Com Ave recently sold for “only” $75K. And the four parking spaces (2 tandems) behind 511 Beacon street sold in May for “just” $150,000 total.

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My free Ebook puts into context the condominiums in nine Greater Boston markets. This short–to the point–ebook is an excellent reference for Greater Boston condominium buyers and sellers. Not only do the neighborhood profiles found in CONTEXT make it easy to see how a specific condominium compares to other condominiums typically sold in a neighborhood, CONTEXT also clearly shows how nine of the most important and most valuable Greater Boston condominium neighborhoods compare on 17 different metrics. If you want to know how a condo or neighborhood compares in median sales price, median price paid per square foot, average condo fee, as well as the likelihood of finding renovated condos, condos with a view, a deck or parking, and much more, then get CONTEXT.

Batch Yard Amenities Are As Sweet As Candy


Recently, I visited The Batch Yard, the new Everett apartments on the site of the former Charleston Chew factory.

From my office in Back Bay, it’s about six miles and I got there in about 16 minutes. Yet, Batch Yard really feels like only a hop, skip and a jump to Boston. For instance, as soon as I passed the Science Museum, I felt like I was halfway. And a moment later, when I took a left after Bunker Hill Community College on to Route 99, I felt like I was heading down a final straightaway to Batch Yard.

Breaking Down the First 50 Sales at 22 Liberty

photo credit: Melissa Blackall photography

Work is done at 22 Liberty (building on left) and the luxury Seaport condos have started closing.

Perhaps the most anticipated and most secretive Boston condo development in recent memory is 22 Liberty in the Seaport. The Fallon Company project is the first condominium development to come to market and close in the Seaport, Boston’s new “it” neighborhood. Additionally, the ultra-luxury ask prices of 22 Liberty have no doubt inspired the condominium development of other Seaport lots and perhaps impacted condominium pricing throughout the Hub. Yet, the developer of 22 Liberty has kept his real estate cards so close to the vest that not much is known about the sales. That is until now. I looked up 54 of the first condos to go to record in the 108 unit development and all you have to do is click “Continued” to see what I found for sale prices, values paid per square foot, the premiums paid, and other interesting data.

50 Key Massachusetts Towns Ranked by Property Tax Rate

Do you want to lower your monthly real estate payment?

Buy in a community with a low real estate tax rate.

Towns assess your home’s property tax contribution by first having the assessing department determine a value for your home and then multiplying the value by the town’s property tax rate. You’ll owe the town x number of dollars per thousand of the value assessment. So if you bought your $500K assessed home in Dover ($11.70 per thousand assessed) instead of Sherborn ($17.72 per thousand assessed), you’d pay $5,850 (500x$11.70=$5,850) in annual property taxes instead of $8,860 (500x$17.72=$8,860). That’s a savings of $250 a month, $3,000 a year or $30,000 over 10 years.

Key Differences Between Millennium Place and Millennium Tower


There’s a big, big reason – a towering, but not-so-secret justification – why Millennium Place owners are selling their precious condominiums in a building and association they love. One Millennium Place owner I spoke with may have succinctly explained why more than twice as many MP condo owners have hung for sale signs in the first four months of 2016 as did in the first four months of 2015: she revealed that many of her neighbors are buying condos at the soon-to-be-completed Millennium Tower.

Of course, MP owners were among the first to have an opportunity to buy at MT, but why are so many selling in Millennium Place to buy in Millennium Tower, a new development just blocks away? In large part, it’s because Millennium Tower amenities trump Millennium Place amenities.

Home Loan - New Financial Opportunity for Boston Citizens


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