Tell-Tale Signs Of Up-And-Coming Condo Neighborhoods

17 DorrHere are some tell tale signs that a previously unheralded condo neighborhood may be changing its image.

The finishes in the condos that come to market SING.

The prices look like deals.

Developers start salivating over the sound of opportunities.

Boston’s Fort Hill has a lot of history, but just not much condo history. Is that about to change? Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out!

Which Hub Condo Market Doubled Sales in Q1

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Hub skylineFor most Hub condo markets, Q1 was a nightmare. That’s understandable. After all, few properties look good engulfed by 100 inches of snow.  And who wants to look homes when it is almost impossible to get to them whether you are traveling by T, car or foot. Yet, despite the historic weather conditions, one Hub condo market doubled sales and another set a new standard for its luxury sales. Which markets? Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out!

Cambridge’s Atmark Apartments Will Make You Want to Hit “Enter”

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Vibe: When I set foot in the Atmark a few Saturday mornings past, the lobby was jumping. Imagine the vibrancy of a hotel lobby engaged in a busy check-in, or a successful health club scanning countless members entering just after work. Had I been a little less alert, I might have thought I was in a downtown area rather than a moderately secluded industrial part of West Cambridge.

atmark cabanas resAmenities: A variety of amenities were easily accessible near the apartment complex’s main entrance, including a gym, a 24-hour yoga studio, a wine bar area with a billiards table, and two computer stations. Undoubtedly my favorite amenity in my new building tour, a cinema-style HD theater with stadium seating practically begged me to immediately reserve it for a Red Sox opening day party. A number of other great amenities that I didn’t immediately notice were also found close by: the outdoor swimming pool with sun terrace and private cabanas, the outdoor lounge with fire pit, and, of course, the upscale indoor-outdoor sky lounge with a bar, two-way fireplace, and city views.

Additionally, the 428-apartment Atmark has areas for residents to take care of their pets (a groom room and bark park), their bikes (parking and repair stations), their business commitments (private meeting rooms), and even their extra belongings (additional storage for a price). The office staff is happy to respond to resident requests and handle package deliveries during the day; at night the Atmark has a concierge.


The Most Talked About Real Estate Book

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zillow is talkingPerhaps, the most talked about book in real estate lately is Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate. The website executives that authored Zillow Talk advise buyers and sellers to “let data be your guide” and then use the data they have collected to scrutinize popular real estate questions and commonly held real estate myths. Zillow also talks about Boston real estate’s break even horizon and this market’s most valuable street. If you aren’t ready to buy the book, but want to know more about the types of data you will find in Zillow Talk, check out my featured column in Curbed!

Interviewing the Mayor of Boston

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marty walshI picked up the phone last Friday and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was on the other end. The mayor was engaging and happy to answer any question I had. We talked about his goal of building 53,000 housing units in Boston by 2030. We also discussed a few other topics important to the city. I was a little nervous about my last question though. It called for the head of perhaps a key member in his administration, someone I thought to be extremely negligent and incompetent. But the mayor took the question in stride. We even laughed about it afterward. Want to know more about our conversation? Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out!

Batch Yard Amenities Are As Sweet As Candy


BeFunky_Batch Yard Common Room.jpgRecently, I visited The Batch Yard, the new Everett apartments on the site of the former Charleston Chew factory.

From my office in Back Bay, it’s about six miles and I got there in about 16 minutes. Yet, Batch Yard really feels like only a hop, skip and a jump to Boston. For instance, as soon as I passed the Science Museum, I felt like I was halfway. And a moment later, when I took a left after Bunker Hill Community College on to Route 99, I felt like I was heading down a final straightaway to Batch Yard.

The industrial neighborhood Batch Yard is located in is probably unfamiliar to most, but it’s real close to that lone wind mill often viewed from route 93.

My favorite things about Batch Yard were… Continued

Some Hub Buyers Undeterred By Relentless Winter

In most overask situations, it's all a bout the Benjamins.
In most overask situations, it’s all a bout the Benjamins.

Record snow, parking bans, limited T access and government shutdowns, did’t stop them. In the first two  and a half months of the year, fewer, but shall we say more motivated condo buyers found their dream homes and put them under agreement. In fact, in some Hub markets the amount of of under agreements actually outnumbered  the amount of new listings. Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out more. 

How Some Property Managers Stayed One Step Ahead Of Record Snow

One Federal was spotless while a street in nearby Beacon Hill showed the impact of Snowmageddon 2015.
One Federal was spotless while a street in nearby Beacon Hill showed the impact of Snowmageddon 2015.

(This originally appeared as my March column for Banker and Tradesman)

When I passed 53 State St., its sidewalk was pristine. It didn’t look as if record snow had fallen over the past 30 days. And there wasn’t a head-high barricade of the white stuff separating the street from the sidewalk. Instead, the pavement next to the downtown high rise looked like my house after the cleaners had come: a happy place to be.

Ditto, One Federal Street. Ditto the concourses of a few other buildings I saw in the Financial District. Here I was, in the heart of Boston, in the midst of snowmageddon 2015, and totally amazed that a number of outdoor spaces were pitching no-hitters against the relentless snowfall. How could it be? Continued

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