Five Things You’ll Love About 65 Green Street, Jamaica Plain

David Bates / January 31, 2018-1:07 pm

Here are five features I think you’ll love about 65 Green Street, the new eight-unit condominium development in a prime part of Jamaica Plain. (more…)... Continue Reading

It’s So Nice to Be Quoted in The Boston Globe, The Bay State Banner, and

David Bates / December 6, 2017-2:16 pm

We all want to be heard. We all want that feeling that what we are saying is of value to others, significant, and correct. But unless you’re a narcissist or a verbally expressive person, it doesn’t happen half-enough. Being (more…)... Continue Reading

Boston Broker Builds Big Business with Chinese Students, China.

David Bates / September 26, 2017-10:04 am

John Conroy, 42, recalls noticing the change in the local rental market somewhere around 2008, a time when he was working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. All of a sudden, says the Connecticut-bred owner of East Coast Realty in Allston, every... Continue Reading

Email Hackers Are Stealing Millions of Dollars From Greater Boston Real Estate Closings

David Bates / August 31, 2017-12:37 pm

Did you hear about the Boston home buyer who got an email from his closing attorney, only it was not from the attorney? It was from a hacker posing as the attorney. It gets worse. (more…)... Continue Reading

Three Things All Hub Sellers Should Negotiate, Even if They Have Multiple Offers

David Bates / August 23, 2017-12:57 pm

My buyer put in a full price offer on a Hub condominium, and something unusual happened (more…)... Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Boston Agents Lie About Their Listing’s Address

David Bates / August 1, 2017-11:23 am

If Boston agents don’t like the location of their listing, guess what? Sometimes, they just change it. Here are five reasons why they do it and how. (more…)... Continue Reading

How to Save $100,000 or More on Your New Boston Condo Purchase

David Bates / July 24, 2017-10:05 am

I was showing a condominium in a new Boston development and asked about saving money. (more…)... Continue Reading

Five Boston Neighborhoods, Five Different Apartment Designs

David Bates / July 14, 2017-3:18 pm

During an interview for a recent post, I asked Eric Robinson, a principal at RODE ARCHITECTS, how their designs were influenced by the housing needs, wants, and lifestyles of the residents living in those locations. Here's how he responded.... Continue Reading

Mistakes Boston Apartment Hunters Make and How to Avoid Them

David Bates / July 7, 2017-10:10 am

Boston apartment hunters should have only two goals: #1 - Get the best apartment available (based on their needs and wishes), and; #2 - Get it for the least amount of money. (more…)... Continue Reading

Boston’s Five Most Expensive Apartment Buildings

David Bates / June 26, 2017-10:39 am

Some Hub rents are high. Some are sky high. But which Hub buildings have the highest rent? (more…)... Continue Reading
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