BeFunky_boston generic.jpgHey, the dollar per square foot value in your neighborhood moved. Do you want to know where it moved to? Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out!

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WelcometoDot logoWelcometoDot, a twitter account with more than 3,000 followers, was started about 18 months ago, by a software engineer who has been a resident of Dorchester for nearly 15 years. I spent a few moments with WelcometoDot discussing this key Boston neighborhood.

How did you find yourself in Dorchester?

I needed a place that was convenient for commute, but I was looking for a place that was a bit cheaper in rent. I looked at East Boston and South Boston, but I got really attached to Dorchester. I’m glad I stayed here.

Why did you start tweeting about Dorchester?

Twitter was, as a news source for Dorchester, was very fragmented. …I wanted something that kind of represented a broader view than just a reduction to a crime report, so I felt like we needed something that would just amplify voices that otherwise just might get lost. I’m doing this precisely because I’m very much interested in the neighborhood, I’m interested in people who live here and their opinions and kind of where they see the neighborhood going.

Someone once told me that if several Dorchester neighborhoods were marketed on their own, rather than as a part of Dorchester, that many more condos would sell in them. What do you think of that idea?

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I don’t claim to be an expert on housing prices in Randolph, NH, but when I saw this listed for $4 million, I did a triple-take.

Sure, it had 1100 square feet, a retro-kitchen and a fence worthy of multiple photos, but I was still a little skeptical of its multi-million price tag. So, I emailed the broker, “Am I reading this right, $4 mil?”

He responded, “No, you aren’t….How did you come up with that figure?”

Duh. So, I emailed him back a copy of the MLS listing. Never heard from him again, but this morning noticed what has to be the biggest price drop in the history of the Greater Boston MLS. After 85 days on market, how much did 738 Durand drop its price? Check it out.

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31Myrtle.jpgHow hot is the market?

The market is so hot that they can ask $1 million for an Everett single family!

The last time an Everett single family sold for a million dollars was before….make that NEVER.

Sure, this single family  comes with 8,040 square feet of living space, a breathtaking kitchen, an elevator and an indoor pool that allows for one-on-one water basketball tournaments, but are those enough features and benefits to crack a million dollar sales price in Everett? The listing brokers are hedging their marketing bets by also putting 31 Myrtle in MLS as a legal three-family, which is good because the last time an MLS listed three-family sold in Everett was NEVER.


Stack Of CashSometimes, the most popular choice can also be the most economic. Unless, of course, you’re talking Boston condos. Because in that market, the most expensive dollar per-square-foot range is starting to look like the default choice.

Check out my featured column in Curbed and find out what’s behind this observation.




photoThere’s no DJIA for Hub real estate (Bummer).

But if you pay attention to the 10 numbers I talk about in my featured column in Curbed, you’ll definitely know how the market is doing. (Yea!)

Check them out!


Paul Restuccia, the excellent real estate columnist at the Boston Herald, writes about another wave of high-end apartments coming to the Hub in 2herald015. His piece also touches on several other important local real estate topics. Thanks out to Paul for sharing some of my insights in this timely article!



BeFunky_Somerville.jpgIn 2014, the Cambridge condo market was on fire (+13%*) and the Somerville condo market was an absolute inferno (+18%*). Which market will be hotter in 2015? Scott Van Voorhis asks this important question on and includes my take on the matter.

(*-reflects my survey of MLS condo sales 1/1-11/30 in 2013 and 2014.)



Fading: Canned air and fake lights.

Trending: Fresh air and natural light.

Who’da thunk it!

Read my featured post in Curbed and find out more!

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Somerville house photo 2Assembly Row has been 17 years in the making and it’s nowhere near done. Thoughts of a  Green Line Extension are nearing a 25th birthday and they haven’t even laid a rail.  No wonder the Mayor of Somerville, Joe Curtatone, emphasizes the importance of “playing the long game.” As he prepares the city for life and success in 2050 and today, what did he tell me about Somerville’s accomplishments and challenges? Check out my featured post in Curbed and find out!

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