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Just got this client survey back

What’s my real estate goal?

To do everything I possibly can to make sure my future clients feel the same way as Doug and Jennie, two of my most recent clients.

The administrative manager of my office just handed me their review of my services.


Three Hub condo markets had Septembers to remember.

Two other Hub condo markets had September results that might be best described as “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

Would you like to know which markets and why? Then check out my featured column in Curbed!

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650Lagrangecollage.jpgPop quiz:

Where can you find a nice single family home, in a solid Hub neighborhood, walking distance to the center of town, commute convenient, and under $400K? At my new listing of course!

If you thought homes like this went extinct a few years back, check out 650 Lagrange, West Roxbury.


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back bay vs south end brer


As a Realtor, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Is it safe here?” It’s a tough one to answer and almost every Realtor will avoid doing so, suggesting instead that you ask the local police department about any safety concern. However, I recently ran across this website,, which I thought was helpful articulating safety issues in neighborhoods. The website maps out where different alleged crimes happen and adds cartoonish icons that represent the sort of alleged crime. As an additional insight, I compared neighborhoods that neighbor each other. The maps in this post only cover a few weeks, which is kind of scary. Check it out. 

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pru summer shotSome people think when foliage checks in, the real estate market checks out. That’s not what the numbers show.

Did you know more than 100 Boston condos listed in MLS found buyers in the last quarter of 2013?

To learn more about what happens in Q4, check out my featured column in Curbed.

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report cardIn honor of my kids returning to school, I graded the performance of the Hub’s major condo markets in the first seven months of the year.

These markets include Back Bay, South Boston, Somerville, Brookline, Dorchester, Cambridge, South End and Midtown.

(This post first appeared as my Banker and Tradesman September column)

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This twenty floor North Point building with 355 apartments is set for June 2015 occupancy and it is just one of more than 20 buildings Tom O'Brien is involved in developing.

This twenty floor NorthPoint building with 355 apartments  is just one of more than 20 buildings Tom O’Brien is involved in developing in the Hub.

Tom O’Brien is a little bit busy. He is integrally involved in NorthPoint, Boston Landing and the redevelopment of the Government Center Garage, three of the Hub’s largest development projects. As a result, Tom has more than 20 buildings to build in the Hub. These buildings will have apartments, condos, office space, retail, a hotel, and even a Boston Bruins practice rink and a world class running track. In an area that has a reputation for being hard to develop in, what is the skill set that allows Tom to excel at it? Read my featured column in Curbed and find out.

Timing versus activityOne of the most common questions I get as a real estate agent is, “What’s a good offer?” I define a good offer as “an offer that brings you closer to getting what you want.” In my experience, this handy chart is one of the best indicators of how strong an offer has to be move a buyer closer to getting what they want. Why?

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Took this photo from a private deck at 1 Charles. Makes Boston look like NYC.

Took this photo from a private deck at 1 Charles. Makes Boston look like NYC.

What does it take for a condo to have the most valuable square feet in a market? Find out when you read my featured column in Curbed and see the condos with the most valuable square feet in nine key Hub condo markets. If you want to understand square foot value more, sign up for my FREE eBook: A Guide to Understanding Hub Condo Value by the Square Foot.

Thanks out to Paul Restuccia for including some of my insights and MLS breakdowns in his Boston Herald article about the Hub’s fall real estate market: Hot Property: Competition for condos in Boston hits fever pitch.

decade price versus sfI broke down, by the year they were built,  more than 20,000 single family homes that were available for sale in MLS. The median price of a single family home that was built recently was nearly double the asking price of homes built decades ago. Ironically, the square footage of houses built recently was also nearly double the square footage of homes built decades ago.

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