Luxury Seaport Rental Has “Killer Views”

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Max Vigliotti in 22 Liberty 6D, Boston.
Max Vigliotti in 22 Liberty 6D, Boston.

Max Vigliotti, an agent who handles many high end rentals in Boston, showed me his listing at Boston’s newest luxury building, 22 Liberty in the Seaport.

The 6th floor residence has two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, 1,985 square feet and killer views. It’s on market for $17,000 a month, which of course makes it one of the most expensive rentals in Boston. Nonetheless, in this quiet part of the year, Max has had a few showings, primarily with prospective tenants who work in the Seaport.

Max thinks people would be surprised at the amount of restaurants, foot traffic and construction in th eSeaport and is impressed the security of the building,as well as  the attention to detail and the service the doormen provide.

For a few more photos of 22 Liberty 6D, hit “Continue.”  Continued

MIT Ph.D. Automates Hub Triple Decker

72 Downer Ave, Dorchester.
72 Downer Ave, Dorchester.


Shortly after closing on his first investment property located at 72 Downer Avenue, Dorchester,* MIT Ph.D. Michael Propp engaged an architect and contractor to update and beautify the typical things new buyers want to improve: the kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and paint. Another one of his goals was to “eliminate worry,” and it was that goal that drove him to make this property perhaps the most automated triple decker in all of tech-savvy Boston. Continued

New Cambridge Apartment Building Stresses Fitting in to its Neighborhood

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Chroma Cambridge has open shelves in the kitchen.
Chroma Cambridge has open shelves in the kitchen.


National Development – the Boston area development company that brought you Ink Block and the same company that saw more value in Allston’s Green District than any other bidder – capped a successful 2015 by opening Chroma, a 96-unit ground up low rise apartment building in Cambridgeport. Jessica Buonopane, Vice President of Residential Properties for National, told me the 96 units at Chroma mean that National Development now has more than 2,000 units in the Hub. Not bad, considering they got into residential development only about 10 years ago with a project in Worcester.

John Felix, Chroma’s Project Manager, said one of the goals was to have the apartment building fit in to the neighborhood. To that end, on the side of Chroma where there are three story buildings, Chroma has three stories. On the side where there are four story buildings, Chroma has four stories. Buonopane said the designers also wanted to “harness the whole idea of Cambridge with the pocket parks.” So, Chroma’s entrance is set back in a way that mirrors the pocket park directly across street. Continued

Company Secures Entire Boston Buildings for Short Term Furnished Rentals

Compass Furnished Apartments rented the entire building at 1085 Boylston, Boston.
Compass Furnished Apartments rented the entire building at 1085 Boylston, Boston.


Compass Furnished Apartments, a company which offers short term furnished apartments in 18 different Boston apartment buildings, recently embarked on a more ambitious growth strategy: instead of taking the usual block of apartments in a Boston building, Compass took the entire building.

For the second time since 2013, Compass secured an entire Boston building (8 Winter St; Downtown Crossing came first). It’s a decidedly different growth strategy than some of the other temporary apartment providers in the city, such as Furnished Quarters which recently expanded its Boston portfolio by taking apartments at Radian, The Arlington, and Exeter Tower. Eric Fleming, the president and founder of Compass, told me that having the whole building allows his company “to offer more services to our clients.” Continued

“2015” Was a Gift for Boston Real Estate


Are you looking for a last minute gift for the Boston real estate market?

You might be hard pressed to find something it doesn’t have.

It’s been a year in which almost every Hub apartment got a tenant, almost every condo found a buyer, and nearly every development wish was granted. In 2015, the Hub had a low unemployment rate and even lower interest rates. Continued

Billowing Sails Could Lead to Boston Condo sales

Elkus 22 StoryIn 2006, the Boston Globe used the word “Boring” to describe the design of The Intercontinental Boston Hotel and Residences, a design in which noted Boston architect Howard Elkus had been deeply involved.

Then, last May, Boston Magazine called the buildings of the Seaport, “faceless.”

Of course, when “Boring” and “Faceless” meet it’s usually a pretty ho-hum get-together. But this time enter Jon Cronin, a South Boston developer, who already had a cost-efficient tower (aka boring building) planned for his site, but was swayed last December by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s call for developers to develop more architecturally significant buildings in the city.

So, according to a Boston Globe report, Cronin’s design team went back to the drawing computer for a year to try to meet the call. Now, the 110-unit condominium project they have proposed on what is currently the Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden aspires to be a more “iconic structure,” one that celebrates the Sea and romances the Atlantic Ocean, noted its architect, Howard Elkus. Years ago, on another landmark worthy Boston development site, Elkus to great acclaim designed The Heritage on the Garden.

If approved, construction is planned to begin in 2017. Hopefully, the building’s billowing sails will lead to incredible sales.





Breaking Down the First 50 Sales at 22 Liberty

Work is done at 22 Liberty (building on left) and the luxury Seaport condos have started closing.


Perhaps the most anticipated and most secretive Boston condo development in recent memory is 22 Liberty in the Seaport. The Fallon Company project is the first condominium development to come to market and close in the Seaport, Boston’s new “it” neighborhood. Additionally, the ultra-luxury ask prices of 22 Liberty have no doubt inspired the condominium development of other Seaport lots and perhaps impacted condominium pricing throughout the Hub. Yet, the developer of 22 Liberty has kept his real estate cards so close to the vest that not much is known about the sales. That is until now.  I looked up 54 of the first condos to go to record in the 108 unit development and all you have to do is click “Continued” to see what I found for sale prices, values paid per square foot, the premiums paid, and other interesting data. Continued

Slick New Cambridge Apartment Building Abuts Natural Preserve

The Fuse apartments are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.
Fuse Cambridge is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.


There is living in the city and there is living in nature, and then there is living at Fuse Cambridge, the slick new 244-unit Cambridge Apartment building that abuts the 120-acre Alewife Brook Reservation. Just in front of Fuse Cambridge are signs of the modern world’s vitality and growth, and a few hundred yards right side facing is the convenient Alewife Station, where commuters go near and far by bus and Red Line train. But behind Fuse Cambridge, just beyond the two big old willow trees visible from this ground up apartment building’s 20-foot high transparent lobby, Alewife Brook Reservation makes its gracious presence known.

Sean Sacks, a director with Hines, the 60 year old company responsible for Fuse Cambridge, told me that the development goals included creating a visual and physical connection to nature. As a result, tenants and staff can admire the nature preserve’s scenic trails and pretty wooden boardwalks, enjoy water and woodland views, and on occasion spot diverse wildlife from a variety of vantage points in the building, including the double height lobby and the raised pool deck. Nathan Lopez with Bozzuto, the company responsible for leasing up Fuse Cambridge, said 56% of the building’s apartments are in the direction of this natural marvel that has been referred to as “an urban gem.” Continued

This Prank Call Sounds Like Every Mortgage Discussion Ever

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richardsal-001Richard and Sal, The Howard Stern prank callers that made radio life a living hell for hosts of Tradio, the buy-sell-swap program found on a number of religious radio formats, pranked a real estate talk show in 2011. The brief discussion that ensued with the hosts of the show sounded like every initial conversation with a mortgage loan officer ever. Enjoy!

The New Normal in the Hub Condo Market: $1000 a Square Foot

171 Beacon #2, Back Bay - 565 square feet for $599,000. (Julie Harrison, Listing Agent).
171 Beacon #2, Back Bay – 565 square feet for $599,000. (Julie Harrison, Listing Agent).


Today, more than 150 Boston condos are asking at least $1000 square foot.

That’s more than twice as many that were on market the same day last year.  I’m giving thanks that Boston’s “For Sale” condo inventory is up around 22% as I write this, but there’s no thanksgiving for market forces doubling the amount of $1000 a square foot condos for sale in the city. (What type of Hub condo gets $1000 a square foot? Hit “Continued” and find out) Continued

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