The Most Competitive Market in Hub Condo History

David Bates / March 1, 2016-1:28 pm

  If you want know how competitive the Hub condo market became in 2015, take a look at the sale of the condominiums located at 373-375 Border St, East Boston. They were priced so high that if 373 Border received an offer for asking price and... Continue Reading

What a Con Man Taught Me About Boston Real Estate

David Bates / November 13, 2015-1:16 pm

When I picked up the office phone, the man on the other end said his name was Pedro, that he was visiting Boston and wanted to look at some buildings for sale. The next day, Pedro came to my Coolidge Corner office. He was tall, had a dark... Continue Reading

Investors & Owner Occupants Compete to Buy Hub’s Small Multifamilies

David Bates / November 6, 2015-2:45 pm

[caption id="attachment_5979" align="alignnone" width="600"] In order: 39 Columbia, 2 Washburn, 17 Magnolia, 33 Walnut.[/caption] I reviewed some recent MLS sales and noted that several of the most extreme over-ask sales concerned small... Continue Reading

Proof That the Hub is Supah Expensive

David Bates / November 3, 2015-1:37 pm

[caption id="attachment_5943" align="alignnone" width="600"] The view from Millennium Tower, a Boston condo development marketing a $37 million penthouse.[/caption] Have you noticed that parts of your Hub life have become wicked expensive lately?... Continue Reading

Three Hub Markets Defy Harsh Winter, Increase Pending Sales

David Bates / March 6, 2015-12:22 pm

States of emergency, limited T access, parking bans, and more than 100 inches of snow didn't stop three Hub condominium markets from putting more under agreement in February 2015 than they did in February a year earlier. Weather cooled pending... Continue Reading

Who Needs T Delays: Just Skateboard there

David Bates / February 5, 2015-4:23 pm

Saw this Brookline guy taking his skateboard this blustery morning. Maybe the T and road delays over the last few days were too much for him?... Continue Reading

$750K Over-Ask!

David Bates / December 4, 2014-7:25 pm

Why did the Brookline single family at 24 Monmouth Court garner $750,000 more than the asking price? According to one agent familiar with the sale, the property should have been marketed as a development opportunity, "not as the odd, misplaced... Continue Reading

Boston’s Real Estate Black Market

David Bates / November 14, 2014-1:43 pm

An advertisement to rent a Boston condominium for a vacation rental never shows photos of the front of the building: it’s a mystery. The precise location of the building also is undisclosed: it’s an enigma. Who owns the condo is a riddle. If... Continue Reading

Hub October Condo Sales by Percentage Over Ask

David Bates / November 11, 2014-3:14 pm

One of my more consistent columns concerns condos that sell way, way over ask. While I usually note the dollar value that they sell over ask, this chart ranks October sales by the percentage paid more than the asking price. I tracked October... Continue Reading

Unusual Article at Open House

David Bates / November 7, 2014-4:12 pm

                  Saw this informative article tacked to a wall at a Brookline open house. Quite frankly, I don't know if buyers should be happy about it or deeply... Continue Reading
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