Email Hackers Are Stealing Millions of Dollars From Greater Boston Real Estate Closings

David Bates / August 31, 2017-12:37 pm

Did you hear about the Boston home buyer who got an email from his closing attorney, only it was not from the attorney? It was from a hacker posing as the attorney. It gets worse. (more…)... Continue Reading

My Best South Boston Real Estate Posts

David Bates / April 26, 2016-12:08 pm

Over the past four years, I made charts, interviewed agents, noted trends, and compared the South Boston real estate market to other Hub markets. If you are thinking about buying or selling a condo in South Boston, then you have to read these... Continue Reading

How to Find Out How Many Buyers Are Looking For Your Home (Whether it’s listed or not)

David Bates / April 19, 2016-12:17 pm

The Greater Boston multiple listing service has an amazing tool that reveals how many registered buyers in their system are searching for a home in every market, at every price, with almost every amenity choice. As a result, agents who know... Continue Reading
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