Amazing eReport Provides 5-Year Breakdowns for 14 Boston Condo Markets

David Bates / June 8, 2017-8:45 am

One Hub market was selling condos so fast that a commonly used real estate statistic revealed it could sell every “For Sale” condo in just one month. Perhaps, the market should have been arrested for speeding. The lightning sales pace... Continue Reading

MassChallenge Tries to Solve its Housing Challenge

David Bates / May 24, 2017-11:40 am

Since 2010, entrepreneurs have been coming to MassChallenge, the hugely successful Boston-based startup accelerator, to gain access to things they can't get anywhere else in the world: venture capital, talent, and customers. One thing an increasing... Continue Reading

Why Via and The Benjamin Will Change Life in the Seaport

David Bates / February 7, 2017-1:12 pm

The Seaport had already been attracting many of the city’s most exciting new restaurants, in vogue hotels, expensive condominium projects and, of course, its most prized corporate tenants. What Boston’s newest and hottest neighborhood... Continue Reading

“2015” Was a Gift for Boston Real Estate

David Bates / December 23, 2015-1:05 pm

Are you looking for a last minute gift for the Boston real estate market? You might be hard pressed to find something it doesn’t have. It’s been a year in which almost every Hub apartment got a tenant, almost every condo found a buyer,... Continue Reading

Billowing Sails Could Lead to Boston Condo sales

David Bates / December 22, 2015-1:41 pm

In 2006, the Boston Globe used the word "Boring" to describe the design of The Intercontinental Boston Hotel and Residences, a design in which noted Boston architect Howard Elkus had been deeply involved. Then, last May, Boston Magazine... Continue Reading

Breaking Down the First 50 Sales at 22 Liberty

David Bates / December 9, 2015-12:48 pm

  Perhaps the most anticipated and most secretive Boston condo development in recent memory is 22 Liberty in the Seaport. The Fallon Company project is the first condominium development to come to market and close in the Seaport, Boston’s... Continue Reading

Answers About Boston Development

David Bates / May 22, 2014-12:32 pm

[caption id="attachment_3828" align="alignleft" width="300"] Travis D'Amato of JLL shared a chart that I recreated, that showed the number of newly developed apartments coming to market in Boston. What did Travis say about overbuilding in Boston?... Continue Reading

SEE-PORT: The Residential Future of Boston’s Hottest Development Area

David Bates / April 9, 2014-10:37 am

[caption id="attachment_3643" align="alignleft" width="781"] The Seaport's future is a bit challenging to see, so look into my column's crystal ball.[/caption] My featured column in Curbed this week focused on the Seaport, Boston’s hottest area... Continue Reading
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