It’s So Nice to Be Quoted in The Boston Globe, The Bay State Banner, and

David Bates / December 6, 2017-2:16 pm

We all want to be heard. We all want that feeling that what we are saying is of value to others, significant, and correct. But unless you’re a narcissist or a verbally expressive person, it doesn’t happen half-enough.

Being listened to is one of those underrated satisfactions, one that should probably be ranked just after enjoying a good cup of coffee and just before performing a small act of kindness. So, if you want to give someone a gift this holiday season, listen to them.

In that vein, I feel like I got several gifts in recent months by having a variety of prestigious publications tell their audiences about what I had to say.

When one of The Boston Globe’s most spot-on reporters, Beth Teitell, authored an article on what type of home you can get for one million dollars in Boston, and she was kind enough to include an insight or two from me.

Then, in an article on high-end sales, The Bay State Banner noted the Globe piece and was nice enough to reference my thoughts too.

This fall, too, Claudine Zap, a writer, asked my thoughts on Aaron Hernandez’s house. I pointed out several trends in high-end North Attleboro real estate and predicted that if it were sold, it would be at a discount compared to the $1.3 million asking price. She included my thoughts in her piece on the topic. And when she did a follow-up piece several weeks later on it selling well below the $1.3 million asking price, she naturally asked for my thoughts again.

And then, just a few weeks ago, contributing writer Ellen Paris contacted me about a topic that I am often asked about: parking in Boston Her article about the famous Brimmer Street Garage appeared a few days later. This report also generously refers to me and even has a little chart I did in it.

Now, if any of those articles or publications could persuade my kids to listen to me, it would be like having all eight days of Hanukkah in one day!