Keeping Up with the Jones’s House

David Bates / March 19, 2012-2:54 pm

It wasn’t long after getting inspired by some of the photos that I had seen on that I had an imaginary conversation with my wife – a trained architect and designer – about some upgrades I thought we might consider at our house.

“Honey, I know that granite is still trendy and Corian is soft to the touch, but what about a Lego countertop? Even if it’s not quite right for you, maybe the kids will really like it and as a result be more excited about eating their vegetables – you know what I’m saying?”

Then I complained about the liquid soap in our bathroom, I said, “Babe, I like my soap, like I like my salt: freshly ground.”



 And what about this cool refrigerator for the kitchen? I suggested. Imagining the incredulous look on her face, I probed “This Electrolux refrigerator doesn’t suck, does it?”

Finally I said, “Honey, I’m giving up on the idea of a fire pole for the kids to slide down from the second floor to the first floor. That’s much too dangerous. But what about this indoor slide? It greatly reduces the velocity of the descent and we could put some pillows on the bottom for our two year old. ”

Kind, sensitive reader, any suggestions as to how I might turn my imaginary conversation into a real one? Do you think my sense of whimsy will make my wife too defensive with her more traditional design sense or is there a way to get her to consider the Lego countertop?