The Science of Walkability in Boston

David Bates / March 28, 2016-11:52 am

Author Jeff Speck, whose ideas about city walkability are gaining popularity across the country, told a standing-room-only crowd of approximately 180 local real estate professionals last Thursday that Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay could easily... Continue Reading

The Difference Between “Like It” and “Love It” Offers

David Bates / March 24, 2016-12:52 pm

Barb Nazzaro, who professionally stages “for sale” homes in Greater Boston (, shared with me some of the hacks that make baby boomer homes appeal to millennial buyers. “They want it done,” she says of... Continue Reading

Boston’s Best Condo Buildings: The Four Seasons

David Bates / March 22, 2016-12:16 pm

In the early 1980s developers proposed building a luxury hotel, The Four Seasons, across from the Public Garden and reserving the top eight floors of the building for condominiums. (more…)... Continue Reading

B & T Calls Me A “Housing Data Guru”

David Bates / March 21, 2016-2:23 pm

  In an article titled, “Boston Condo Market Bidding Wars Driving Prices Skyward,” (found on pages eight and nine of the March 14 edition of Banker and Tradesman: The Financial Services and Real Estate Weekly For Massachusetts)... Continue Reading

13 Signs the Hub Condo might be a DUMP!

David Bates / March 17, 2016-12:06 pm

Dan Walsh, a sales manager at a Back Bay real estate office, recalled seeing the MLS listing of a single family home whose list price was about $200,000 less than other comparable homes. When he opened the property’s front door, he found out why.... Continue Reading

Boston’s Best Condo Buildings: Heritage on the Garden

David Bates / March 15, 2016-12:26 pm

[caption id="attachment_6336" align="alignnone" width="560"] One of Boston's best condo buildings, Heritage on the Garden, shows off it's belvederes and amazing outdoor spaces.[/caption] Heritage on the Garden is a 12-story brick and limestone... Continue Reading


David Bates / March 11, 2016-3:47 pm

When Karen Twomey of WBZ 1030- AM heard about how much over ask Hub condo buyers were offering, she thought it was worth reporting. "It's as if list prices don't exist," I told her, trying to convey how much buyers were paying compared to the... Continue Reading

In 2015, Half of Back Bay Condo Buyers Paid Asking or More

David Bates / March 10, 2016-1:49 pm

[caption id="attachment_6322" align="alignnone" width="512"] A Four Seasons condo sold for the most over ask of any condo in Boston in 2015. Find out how much over ask it went, below.[/caption]   In 2015, about half the 378 MLS listed... Continue Reading

Boston’s Best Condominium Buildings: The Carlton House

David Bates / March 8, 2016-1:07 pm

[caption id="attachment_6306" align="alignnone" width="512"] It looks at if George Washington might be on his way to visit someone at The Carlton House, the building located to the right of the former Ritz Carlton Hotel.[/caption]   The... Continue Reading

The Most Competitive Market in Hub Condo History

David Bates / March 1, 2016-1:28 pm

  If you want know how competitive the Hub condo market became in 2015, take a look at the sale of the condominiums located at 373-375 Border St, East Boston. They were priced so high that if 373 Border received an offer for asking price and... Continue Reading
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