Who Died in Here? The Website That Knows.

David Bates / April 1, 2014-6:38 pm

If you’re worried about sharing your home with the supernatural, you might want to check out www.DiedInHouse.com. The site is the brainchild of a homebuyer who had purchased a home where unbeknownst to him someone had died. He thought the death in the home should have been part of a disclosure in the transaction, but later found out that in most states such a disclosure wasn’t required. Whether a death in your dream home creeps you out or not, the financial ramifications of such an event can be scary. DiedInHouse references an AOL article which says that “stigmatized” homes can trade at resale for a 10-25% discount. For a nominal fee, DiedInHouse reviews more than 118 million records, mostly from 1990 to present, to see if someone had died in a home. The site doesn’t claim to be deadly accurate, but upon request did send me six reports of homes in Massachusetts in which their database had found deaths. 

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